Tips for your convenience


When entering to Snowpalace, press water and 2 heating buttons from the left side of the multi-controller to activate the related functions. The 4th button is for electrical locking system to open/close the main doors. The frame touch panel is not in use.



You need to place the adjustment device (a round cylinder shape roller) on top of the cross mark on the stove. The device is magnetic and attached to the coffee machine if not yet in place. After placing the roller in its place, push the roller gently towards the area you want to heat, and roll the device for adjusting. 

Micro, Coffee machine and Oven

Simply follow the instructions on each device. In case the coffee machine asks for more water or beans, gently pull the machine out from the wall, fill the tanks and you are good to go again. 



You can adjust the heating in each room separately from the light switch device on the wall. Push the black bar on top of the switch, where you can see the temperature, the left side of the bar for cooling the room, and the right side for more heat. 


Note the sliding curtains in bedrooms have a mechanism you must use instead of pulling the curtains with force. Find the mechanism on the right-hand side, use it simply by pulling the rope for closing and opening. Upstairs is equipped with electric curtains. Remote controls are located next to the balcony door in living space, and next to the main door in the bedroom.



Turn on the sauna from the device on the wall on your right-hand side when entering the sauna lounge. Do not change the settings, just turn it on by pressing the power button, and off, when you finish using the sauna. In sauna lounge all lights can be controlled from multiuse switch, slide functions sideways, switch is located next to the stairs. Control panel for lights above the bathtub is also next to stairs, the white unit. Press left on/off button twice to turn them on, slide the top bar to change the color. 


The jacuzzi is ready to use. Open the cover, and push it gently to the side. Lights and temperature can be adjusted from the panel located in the jacuzzi. Do NOT leave the cover open when you are not inside the jacuzzi, always close the cover and secure it with additional weights to avoid the wind opening it.   



When the Bose systems (in the living room, next to the TV) are turned on, Bose can be used in every room separately. Remotes are located in each room. Enjoy the amazing sound of Bose! 


The TV has a limited amount of channels in Ruka, instead, try using the Elisa Viihde, other digital channels, or iTV inbuild to SonyTV. Get your smart device connected to the TV. If the TV and Bose is connected together with cable, turn on both and press AUX from Bose remote control to enjoy the surround sound effects. Note! If you do not hear sound from TV, turn on Bose

Service your equipments

Ski boot heater

Turn the heater on by pressing the small button on top of the heating unit, the led light should turn green. The heating turns off automatically after a couple of hours. 

Ski service

In the outside storage, you can find more wood for the fireplaces, as well as a cross-country ski service table. A key for the storage is in the top drawer in the entrance hall.